Friday, February 18, 2011

Nvidia Rises After Sales Forecast Exceeds Predictions

Nvidia Rises After Sales Forecast Exceeds Predictions

Nvidia released spectacular company financial earning today which caused overall technology to advance further. Although Nvidia got a nice 9% stock increase. My little AMD stock got another 5% boost. I think technology sector in the stock market will be in favor during the next couple of days. That is when I will sell my stock holdings to buy into another.

I think I will use that funding to pull back to financial stock market sector. I like Citi quite nicely. I think that there has not been a clear direction of Citi's share price in the past couple of months. But that will change soon. Something will trigger another price movement, if there is a sharp price down pull, I will buy into that. If there's gradual increase to the $5.00 dollar stock level, I will buy ino the stock.

However, if it shows signs of stock price weakness and decline, I will stay away from it. That will be my next strategy, to pull my funds into financial sector again.

I am also observing solar industry. It has seen some nice price boost in the past couple of days. I have some invested in the retirement account...If the advance cools down I may pull out the money to drop back into housing. Solar is a versatile sector, cooling down in interest will mean the stock price will drop maybe 10% or so.

My grandma is not doing so well. We asked the doctor to issue her some morphine and it pretty much knocks her out. We will have to see what happens next.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nice AMD Advance today

Alright, my AMD stock holdings advanced a nice 4.5% in the stock market today. However, I am unable to log in my stock trading account because of some restriction. Yet, I think with this increase my stock investment account now stands at about $11,500! Because of my time restraint, I do not think I will be able to trade in and out of any stock positions during the next couple of days. So I may ask my girlfriend to buy or sell stocks for me.

I did see my grandma in the hospital today in Taiwan. She is in pretty bad shape half awake and half asleep all the time. She cannot carry out any conversation rather than say yes or no. Although she does still remember me which I am quite happy.

The plane ride was quite long. 15 hour of flight! I did not sleep much on the plane and I think I am dying right now at 2:00 p.m. Taiwan time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Personal Business - Grandma Dying in Taiwan

There will most likely be no new posts about the stock market for the next couple of Grandma is on her deathbed in Taiwan. I am flying there from the US either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I may still follow my own stock investment holdings and update if I get to have decent internet access in Taiwan.

So sad about her..she was very nice to me when I was little until my family immigrated to the US.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Once Thought to Be Stable

Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Once Thought to Be Stable

Despite all the pessimistic view that housing prices have not hit the bottom yet, somehow I think it has. It has dropped below a point where it is attractive for the foreign investors, especially chinese investors who are trying to laundering the dirty money out of China.

What makes a better investment than buying or investing in real estate in the US? I believe that the overall housing prices will gradually rise from then on...The worst is over when the government cannot persuade more house buyers with lots of money incentives on top of the historically low rate.

Yet I think it will still take years for the prices to rebound back...I currently own a house too and I am underwater for about $30k...Yet I will be patient and just let this investment ride. I am living in it too so it does not hurt that much.

Hopefully this kind of new money and investment from foreigner can boost the stock market across the board. Then again I can only hope. KBH is down quite a bit at the time of writing, my account is back down to $10,900.