Friday, January 14, 2011

SkyBlueTrading Prologue

SkyBlue Trading Log – Prologue 1/1/2011
This blog series will be my own personal quest to make money through simple stock trading. During the past year, I logged about $4,000 gain in my girlfriend’s retirement account. Which I think is decent considering that my girlfriend and I are only both in our mid twenties.

This year, she and I have put in some money in a mutual account where it will be managed by me. We are going to use these funds for our future purchases such as wedding, house, and etc. My goal is to make money without losing it through this quest.

I start with a balance of $10,000 in trading fund. I may gradually deposit some more in the account if I have more spare money. Among my mortgage and car payments, I really do not have that spare change to do so neither..

The broker that I use is Merill Edge.

This is a screen shot of the money transfer.

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