Wednesday, January 26, 2011

01/26 Bought KBH and Sold PHM - SkyBlueTrading

01/26 Bough FFIV and Sold KBH - SkyBlueTrading

The housing sector for the stock market did prove pretty well today. So I sold it at some gain. I then used that money to buy into FFIV. It recently had a bad earning time and the investors punished it. I think I may get into the same financial situation as I did w/ AMD but uh. I already executed the stock buying order ><

 I think my price entry point into FF5 Network is a bit high at 109.37. But we will see how it goes~

 As for AMD, I will continue holding the security until it is at a higher level. I do not want to sell it at a huge discount, yet. If the stock market proves me wrong bout it within 3 months or so, I will consider liquidating my position.

 At the time of writing my stock account stands at 10,540. So not too bad.

 Below is my execution screenshot.


  1. Very nice!

  2. If you have some spare cash, take a look at CYCC. Love the company. In short: strong pipelines for a microcap comp, drugs for unmet medical needs (FDA more likely to approve), low float, $70m market cap with $20m cash, no debt, respectable scientific team, tons of patents, partnership/buyout candidate.

  3. Great blog! Thanks for the follow, I am happily following you back :)

  4. Some good information here.


  5. Thanks chris for the heads up. Although I want to stay away from Biotech stuff. Especially startups. They could either be one hit wonders or they just disappear into oblivion.

    Ps. I was burned by some bio techs before. 20% ups and downs are not good for my stomache

  6. good information all around dude

  7. GJDM up over $500!