Thursday, January 27, 2011

Predict AMD 1/28 Stock Market Closing Price Competition

No one was correct with their prediction. Zach was the closest with his prediction!  AMD's market price closed at $7.75.  Better luk next time!  My account went up in value. So I am quite happy today ^^

Background: Because I am currently owning AMD stock shares, I am pretty actively looking at the stock market everyday. So I have decided to host a little stock market price guess competition.

Predict AMD 1/28 Stock Market Closing Price Competition
Because No one won yesterday, for 1/28's Competition, I will keep the prize at $1.50. Lol. Yeah I am pretty poor but I want all my readers in to have some fun. Here are the rules:
Please Read The Rules - I have made some CHANGES since the start
1. Guess the Closing Stock Price of AMD's tomorrow on 1/28. If you make it right, I will give you $1.50 through paypal. So I will at least need the winner's email address later on.
2. You Must be a current follower
3. One entry per person. This is just for fun. Please do not make multiple accounts for entry.
4. The guess must be placed under comments in THIS post.
5. If 2 people guess the same stock closing price, two people will win $1.00 each.
6. Competition closes daily at 12:00 am. PST on the day of competition.
7. NEW competition post will start sometime after market closes so check back ^^. It will be whenever I get the time to update and check the results.
8. I reserve the right to change the rules if I missed anything.

Visit Finance Google and Search AMD for the current price.


Please let others know about my blog!  If I have 200 followers by start of Market on Monday 1-30-11.  I'll increase that day's reward to $5.00.


  1. I think it will end at around 7.8

  2. Thanks a bunch for that, bro!

  3. sorry to be a pessimist but...$7.63 :)

  4. Perhaps... one BILLION dollars.

    Supporting as always.

  5. A million dollar isnt cool, you know what's cool? A billion dollars.

  6. thanks

    following and supporting daily
    Player skills, get some ladies

  7. i'm bad at guessing games so i won't play. good to hear that amd's shares are still going strong though.

  8. good info and tip off brah!